At present, students face an extreme level of competition. The main reason is mostly the neck-to-neck competition between the most brilliant minds in the country for acquiring seats in premier educational institutions. For these competitions, it is not enough for you to be good, you need to be the best. CTS helps you hone your talent and stay focused on your goals.

The key to crack any exam is consistent, balanced and well-paced study. We inculcate this discipline with regular classes spanning all relevant topics making it impossible for you to ignore the important but your less favourite subjects/topics.

We are a team of highly experienced teachers whose life objective is to see you do well. We are committed to transform our students into a developed personality – prepared to face not only competitive examinations but also carve the niche of their respective career paths confidently.

The motivational environment at CTS, the dynamism and the fervor of its teachers working towards the same shared goal of students success further adds to the confidence of its students. Our purpose is to prepare our students both mentally and academically to crack the toughest exam.