With each passing year, the number of candidates appearing for JEE Advanced, JEE Main and other engineering and medical entrance increases against the available intake, thereby increasing the already fierce competition.

To succeed in such competitive environment requires planned preparation and strategy, through proper guidance and mentoring by experts in the arena.


CTS Academy is committed to make learning and enlightenment of students far more meaningful and useful.

Our team strives not for mere learning, but learning for continuous growth in every aspect of life – be it professional, social, spiritual or moral. It is all about how to be the best in the new complex and competitive world.

We work with the students, carefully undertaking their ability and subject knowledge and then teach them to bring them to the required level where they can outshine their peers and realize their dream.

Usually Maximum students are confused between boards and entrances and are unable to balance between the two.

Objective exams have one thing peculiar “APPROACH TO ATTEMPT”. There are questions meant to be left and questions meant to be attempted.

To this there is also a way to attempt, unique to every individual.

Various test patterns on different formats and levels are given to the students to make sure they develop their own test taking approach and pull to maximum scores.


The Incomparable combination of Result oriented Faculty, best updated study material along with exhaustive teaching program makes us stand taller to others.


At CTS Academy, you are never lost in the crowd and will get the most required one to one attention.”

The Real difference is in our attitude and belief in providing a perfect system to our students to perform at the best.