Study Material


  • Comprehensive study material designed to meet the requirements of both school/ board exams and major competition like NTSE/NSTSE/NSO/iOS/IMO/ iOM /NSEJS /PRMO etc.
  • Covering all the topics with detailed theory, solved examples and illustrations and exercises.
  • Objective type & Subjective worksheets.
  • Home assignments.
  • Reference books of all the subjects free of cost.


  • There will be classes 4 days per week and two days reserved for subjective and objective tests.
  • Class duration will be 3 hours and test duration may vary from 1 hour to 4 hour depending upon the test pattern to be conducted.
  • Subjects Covered: Science, Mathematics, MAT, Social Studies.
  • Boards Covered: CBSE
  • Competitions Covered: NTSE/NSTSE/NSO/iOS/IMO/ iOM /NSEJS /PRMO
  • Teachers make sure that all the concepts are cleared in depth through different examples with detailed explanations.
  • Chapter- wise Assignments, Worksheets and their Discussions.
  • Periodically subjective test, objective tests, full syllabus tests, full tests (Both Subjective and Objectives)are taken.
  • Home assignments  are regularly given for self study and the doubts are taken by the main teacher himself.
  • Daily guidance during class help students to acquire equal command on all the topics, eliminates mistake  and improve rank in tests.
  • Maximum Personal attention is given to all the students by the teachers so that do not hesitate or be fearful even in asking trivial doubts.
  • Personal counseling on one to one basis by teachers is done at different stages to improve students’s performance and build confidence in students.
  • Scheduled doubt session besides daily doubts in class.